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Mitchell Armstrong
United Kingdom
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:bulletred: I'm Mitch
:bulletgreen: English bastard.
:bulletblack: Green Day have seen my artwork and deemed it worthy of being on a shirt.
:bulletred: Eddie from Rocky Horror Picture Show is my spirit animal.
:bulletgreen: I'm an artist
No shit Sherlock...
:bulletblack: Socialist, UK Labour Party, Fuck austerity.

Pansexual ♦ He/Him/His Pronouns ♦ Submissive

I like…

Green Day ♦ Sham 69 ♦ The Ramones ♦ Rancid ♦ Pansy Division ♦ Screeching Weasel ♦ Cockney Rejects ♦ The Buzzcocks ♦ The Clash ♦ The Specials ♦ Misfits ♦ Sex Pistols ♦ Public Image Ltd. ♦ Dead Kennedys ♦ The Distillers ♦ Jack Off Jill ♦ Bikini Kill ♦ Billy Bragg ♦ Blondie

Pride ♦ Kingsman ♦ Eddie Izzard ♦ Hannibal ♦ Welcome To Night Vale ♦ Friends ♦ I also have a weird obsession with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat…

Fandom/Personal Blog!

StrychnineHellfriend Journal Doll by hisironicprincessBJA Journal Doll by hisironicprincess


But I did.

I'm enrolled on an animation course in London and I earned a scholarship that effectively entitles me to half price university education by writing an essay. I'm in a serious relationship and I have a place in a nice area with nice flatmates. I should be living the dream. 

That looks pretty nice written down but my head is a mess. I've attended three lectures over this entire semester. I only leave the house with the aid of copious amounts of Valium in my bloodstream. I've done laundry once since I got here. Things are rotting all around me and my cupboards are down to long lasting staples like spices and dried pasta because I have no motivation to cook and anything else goes off before I can use it. I only eat when my boyfriend brings me food and yet I've gained around 35lb because my depression leaves me basically bed bound. 

I'm still not in a gender clinic and my partner is self medicating, I'm debating doing the same. I can't look at myself. I find myself going for weeks without showering properly. This is the least dignified my condition has ever been.

My house is built between a railway and a 40ft deep dock. I'm sandwiched between two perfect opportunities to kill myself. My lifelong friend is pregnant and expecting the baby in February so I'm holding on until then at least, but after that I can't say. I haven't produced any artwork I liked in a long time and I don't think I ever will again. This isn't necessarily a suicide note but given the fact that I don't update here much, think of it as a preemptive goodbye. 
  • Mood: Depressed

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Elziler Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
:heart::heart:WE LOVE YOU!!:heart::heart:
ssnugglepunk Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
Not gonna lie, I got a little bit emotional reading your note (a lot emotional)

You're such a nice person, you're just always so good and pure and you're there when your friends need you. I hope things are going okay for you.
Elziler Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016

I actually just got a new job. It pays $1.30 less an hour than my first job, but it's closer to home so I'm hoping it'll even out with the money I save on gas. I have also been reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories, and am really enjoying them. I love spending more time with Watson and Holmes and it's nice that not all of them are about murder, adds diversity. Speaking of Sherlock have you seen BBC's new movie/episode that came out last week? The Abominable Bride?
ssnugglepunk Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
Ooh nice! I've never actually read the books but I probably should. 

The Abominable Bride was awesome, I loved what they did with Moriarty and the alternate storylines, it was amazing!
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