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Mitchell Armstrong
United Kingdom
Artist | Student | Digital Art | Dirty Rotten Bastard

:bulletpink: I'm Mitch
:bulletyellow: I live in Cheshire, England.
:bulletblue: I play bass for a band called Dear Nostalgia. We suck, check us out.
:bulletpink: Eddie from Rocky Horror Picture Show is my spirit animal.
:bulletyellow: I'm an artist
No shit Sherlock...
:bulletblue: I'm of the personal belief that there's nothing punk rock can't fix.
:bulletpink: Feminist and LGBTQIA rights supporter. Don’t fight me on this.

Pansexual ♦ He/Him/His Pronouns ♦ Submissive ♦ Polyamorous ♦ I'm about as queer as you can get ;o

My boy Ryan. He's pretty but he never uses his fucking deviantART.

I like…

Green Day ♦ The Ramones ♦ Rancid ♦ Foxboro Hot Tubs ♦ Pansy Division ♦ Screeching Weasel ♦ The Riverdales ♦ The Vibrators ♦ The Buzzcocks ♦ The Clash ♦ The Specials ♦ Streetlight Manifesto ♦ The Sex Pistols ♦ PIL ♦The Offspring ♦ The Distillers

Welcome To Night Vale ♦ Hannibal ♦ Lion King ♦ Harry Potter ♦ Animal Crossing ♦ Sherlock ♦ Doctor Who ♦ Disney ♦ Friends ♦ I also have a weird obsession with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat…

♚ Self Proclaimed Green Day King ♚


Art Blog!
Fandom/Personal Blog!
My Green Day Blog!!

StrychnineHellfriend Journal Doll by hisironicprincessBJA Journal Doll by hisironicprincess


Cecil Gershwin Palmer by ssnugglepunk
Cecil Gershwin Palmer
Another late cosplay dump.. a collection of my Cecil Palmer cosplay from last year until now :meow:

Featuring the bae as my Carlos
Silverstar and First Edition by ssnugglepunk
Silverstar and First Edition
A commission for the lovely missmikki97 who has been incredibly patient waiting for this one while I've been off at university interviews and things. Hope you like it! :heart:
BBC Sherlock Cosplay: London by ssnugglepunk
BBC Sherlock Cosplay: London
London adventures with the nerd crew innit ;o

John Watson: Me
Sherlock Holmes: Chantalle
Jim Moriarty: Freddy

I don't know whether or not my Jim and Sherlock have deviantART but I'm sure they're cool with it.
Defying Gravity by ssnugglepunk
Defying Gravity

*:・゚Wicked Cosplay; Elphaba/Glinda *:・゚

i’m a transguy pls don’t misegender me i just really like dresses today

Lets Boo-Boo by ssnugglepunk
Lets Boo-Boo
Some album artwork I'm working on for some friends of mine. They're in a band called Without Andrew and they have a lot of really promising things coming up for them this year.

If you wanna do us ((and yourself)) a huge favour you could go check them out! They have a really energetic punk kind of sound, think American punk like Ramones and Misfits and maybe some 90's pop punk stuff like Green Day, Blink 182 etc. Trust me ;o…

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missmikki97 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
Mitch, found some of your art on Tumblr and I just want you to know that you're super inspiring, and incredibly talented. You honestly made my day and I'm excited to see what you draw next ^^ <3 
ssnugglepunk Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
Awh! That's really sweet of you, I really needed to hear this today ahah c: 
I'm glad you like my work ;///; thanks for the watch and everything :dummy:
Millie-Ennium Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Greetings from Sunny Stafford Mitch!  I hope you've had a great birthday today and that you're out partying as I type this :-)
ssnugglepunk Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Thanks Benjy c: I did! And I was, ahah. I had a great time ~
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student General Artist
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:iconpinkiepiesmileplz::iconsaysplz:And that friend is you! Happy birthday!:iconpinkiepartyplz:
:iconapplejackplz::iconsaysplz:Ah've brought an apple pie along for you, sugarcube!:iconapplepieplz:
:iconrarityplz::iconsaysplz:And I, speaking for all of us, wish you all the best in your life and all your endeavours!
:iconfluttershywinkplz::iconsaysplz:I hope that you'll have a wonderful time and that trouble will pass you by.
:iconcutedashsmileplz::iconsaysplz:And no matter what happens, remember that we'll always be your friends. Stay awesome!
:iconponyangelplz::iconsaysplz:May the magic of friendship and all it contains be ever with you.
:iconmlpspikeplz::iconsaysplz:And if you ever feel down, don't forget that that you're the hero of your life's story, and no-one else can be better at it than you!
:iconparty0plz::iconsaysplz:Now come on, you all, it's time to start the party for real!
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