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Mitchell Armstrong
United Kingdom
Artist | Student | Digital Art | Dirty Rotten Bastard

:bulletpink: I'm Mitch
:bulletyellow: I live in Cheshire, England.
:bulletblue: I play bass for a band called Dear Nostalgia. We suck, check us out.
:bulletpink: Eddie from Rocky Horror Picture Show is my spirit animal.
:bulletyellow: I'm an artist
No shit Sherlock...
:bulletblue: I'm of the personal belief that there's nothing punk rock can't fix.
:bulletpink: Feminist and LGBTQIA rights supporter. Don’t fight me on this.

Pansexual ♦ He/Him/His Pronouns ♦ Submissive ♦ Polyamorous ♦ I'm about as queer as you can get ;o

My boy Ryan. He's pretty but he never uses his fucking deviantART.

I like…

Green Day ♦ The Ramones ♦ Rancid ♦ Foxboro Hot Tubs ♦ Pansy Division ♦ Screeching Weasel ♦ The Riverdales ♦ The Vibrators ♦ The Buzzcocks ♦ The Clash ♦ The Specials ♦ Streetlight Manifesto ♦ The Sex Pistols ♦ PIL ♦The Offspring ♦ The Distillers

Welcome To Night Vale ♦ Hannibal ♦ Lion King ♦ Harry Potter ♦ Animal Crossing ♦ Sherlock ♦ Doctor Who ♦ Disney ♦ Friends ♦ I also have a weird obsession with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat…

♚ Self Proclaimed Green Day King ♚


Art Blog!
Fandom/Personal Blog!
My Green Day Blog!!

StrychnineHellfriend Journal Doll by hisironicprincessBJA Journal Doll by hisironicprincess


I don't know how many of you are still out there, I guess I don't draw enough ponies and fanservice to keep you guys happy these days ahah. I'm still around though, deviantART got even more hideous while I was gone.

I started Art Foundation and I'm having fun, It's a great course and we got like two weeks of life drawing so I have a lot more portfolio material now. 

I had some personal bullshit going on so I kinda hit a slump art wise... and life wise. The guy I was dating met some Charles Xavier wannabe at a con and decided they were prettier than me and lied about being in love with me for three months after that.

My high school best friend completely wrote me off when I stopped talking to Zane even though I wouldn't have asked him to choose between us in a million years. Apparently it was an easier choice than I thought. I miss him a lot but I've been here enough times to know that dwelling on it will get me nowhere.

I guess it's not all bad... I'm in a band with my new boyfriend and some other really great people. I'm dating someone really amazing... He's polyamorous and has another partner but his girlfriend is really nice and we're all pretty happy with how things are. I'm starting to think I'm probably poly anyway. I could imagine having multiple partners if people actually liked me h a ha.

Me and my friend Effy went down to Brighton for an open day there back in November, so that was fun. We stayed with her friend Liz and her housemates and watched a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race. We went up to London for the Welcome To Night Vale show, It was my first time seeing London even though I've lived in England my entire life... I was kinda enchanted by it, I really wanna go back there soon. We met up with our friend Chantalle and somehow she ended up getting a free ticket to the show from some really nice people in the line. Nightvalians are the sweetest fandom, I swear. We got to meet Cecil Baldwin and I'm still smiling about it a month later. 

I spend a lot of time at Ryan's these days. Everything's sort of a blur of tram rides and Goat Simulator and getting blazed in his room and it's the most comfortable thing I've known in a long time... :heart:

As always I'm open for commissions and I'd be really grateful for the business right now with the holidays coming up. Hope you guys are holding up okay. You should come and chat to me on Skype or something (My Skype is still Ashmirawrr), I need a couple of new faces around ahah. ~
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: The Clash
  • Watching: ...Gonna watch Hannibal
  • Drinking: Water
Trash by ssnugglepunk
My workspace at college... 

I reckon I have about three days before Alistair sees it and makes me paint over it so I thought I'd get a picture first.
katie0513 Commission: Part 1/2 by ssnugglepunk
katie0513 Commission: Part 1/2
Few more pony commissions c: Enjoy ~

If you want something like this, they're £5 per pony and I'll do canon characters or OC's, whatever you like :dummy:
BBC Sherlock: Cosplay Dump by ssnugglepunk
BBC Sherlock: Cosplay Dump
Photos over this year of me and my Sherlock group. I've always wanted to cosplay John, and when Zane said he wanted to have another go at Sherlock it just seemed like a good time. 

We also have Oli as Seb Moran, Rhiann as Fem!Moriarty, and Effy as Irene Adler ~

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Greetings from Sunny Stafford Mitch!  I hope you've had a great birthday today and that you're out partying as I type this :-)
ssnugglepunk Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Thanks Benjy c: I did! And I was, ahah. I had a great time ~
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ssnugglepunk Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Awh! This is so cute, thank you ~
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Just realised there's a link to my account in your people you should watch section asdfghjkl dying m8
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